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You received an invitation to attend a dinner party by a mysterious entity identified only as “The Host”. At the dinner party you have the opportunity to win a game and receive wealth beyond your wildest dreams. You arrive at a decaying mansion on a hill and meet the other guests. “Thank you for attending this evening...” the host says in a deep, ominous voice “The entertainment will be to die for!” You and your fellow guests are trapped, at the mercy and whims of “The Host”.

This game is played with 2-5 players and takes about 10 minutes.

Submission for San Diego Game Jam 2017.

Team Members:
Ambrose Wesel sawesel@gmail.com
Christopher Rutten crutten@pacbell.net
Jon Cohn jon@keyholegames.com
Siddarth R Govindan siddarthrg@gmail.com
Taylor Joseph taylor.joseph15@gmail.com


TheFinalRoom_PrintNPlay.zip 61 MB

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