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The forest provides for your herd but it does not protect its inhabitants from each other.
You chew the leaves slowly, for you are never certain of the danger lurking in the shadows. The cacophonous chittering of the monkeys alerted you to its presence but not their exact location, besides, the cries of the simians have long since faded leaving behind an unnatural silence.
You perk your ears and tense your legs, prepared to flee at a moments notice-

The air is salty on your tongue and heavy on your shoulders.
You silently lie in wait in cover of the grove, watching your quarry, calculating their next move, seeking the perfect opportunity to strike- 

-a bolt of orange and black lightning, as you pounce upon your unwary prey.

Sundarban is an asymmetrical board game about reading your partner and predicting their moves. Play as a tiger or a herd of deer engaged in the timeless conflict of survival. This is a game about predator and prey and the intimate relationship between them.

  • Print & Play
  • 2 Players
  • 20 to 30 minutes


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