Audience Choice Award, Boston Festival of Indie Games 2022


Helicopter Tennis is a local multiplayer game where two players use helicopters to play tennis against each other.

Avoid crashing your helicopter while chasing down shots and throw off your opponent by varying your shot’s power and direction to outlast and outwit your opposition. Use your underhand and overhand swings to return the ball strategically, and when you create an opening, use your charge shots to seize decisive victory!

Helicopter Tennis is a game about learning to control your helicopter, pushing it to its limits while avoiding crashing and missing your shots.

Watch a gameplay match between the devs!

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# Read me
Hello! Thank you for playing this early build of Helicopter Tennis, a local 2 player action game where you play tennis as helicopters.

# Gamepad Controls
We recommend using two game controllers to play.
* Tilt Copter - Left Stick
* Thrust (Fly Up/Hover) - Right Trigger
* Drop Altitude (Fast Fall) - Left Trigger
* Overhead Swing - Right Bumper
* Underhand Swing - Left Bumper
* Serve - Square button

# Keyboard Controls
Red Copter / Blue Copter
* Tilt Copter - AD / Left and Right Arrows
* Thrust (Fly Up/Hover) - W / Up Arrow
* Drop Altitude (Fast Fall) - S / Down Arrow
* Overhead Swing - C / Comma ','
* Underhand Swing - V / Period '.'
* Serve - B / Forward Slash '/'
* Confirm (Menu) - Spacebar

# Game
Select Start Game at the menu to start playing.
Red serves first, service switches every game.
Scoring follows standard tennis scoring rules.

Thanks for playing!


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