A downloadable game

an rpg about conversations & customers flowing through a cafe, made by

Chapin Boyer (@meisteronly) & Siddarth Govindan (@srgovindan)

The smell of roasting coffee. The sound of milk steaming. Conversations buzzing and humming in the air. Play as the baristas and customers of a small local coffee shop. Fill orders, manage mishaps, and chat with your regulars as you try to chase your dreams in and out of the cafe. Players will each play the role of one barista, as well as drawing from a shared pool of customers to create stories and develop their characters.

submitted to the One-Page RPG Jam 2020  #1pRPGjam


CafeCaffe_V0.7_DOUBLE-SIDED-PRINT.pdf 104 kB
CafeCaffe_V0.7_SingleSidedPrint.pdf 103 kB